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Automated Censorship


And if nobody raised a fuss? These “standards” that facebook has to label something as “hate speech” are not singled out by a single person leafing through posts. It is most likely an algorithm that automatically picks out words. We need to know what about the Declaration was singled out for this classification because that algorithm is already in place and that is censorship. Automated censorship. Guilty until proven innocent. So this is just a hint of what is to come. These things are already in place. They are sorry? What do you suppose was already suppressed that we never knew about? Stuff facebook doesn’t want us to know about.



I have already heard of acquaintances I have known for years crying gloom and doom to their very young children. We are the ones who made their world the messed up place it was Monday. How DARE we blame someone for what we did before he gets a chance to fix our mess, your mess. This is a human with a beautiful family who cannot, will not be bought or sold. How dare you honor the evils of the past and poison the minds of our future. I have so many years of experience. I scoff at your idiocy. Feel free to share this with those you know I am speaking of. They are blocked from my feed.

Yep, I’m going there. Let’s talk Politics

My Life. One Story at a Time.

I am like most people I think, disgusted by what is playing out on television in the name of politics. Neither candidate is worth much as a person in some areas in my opinion. As a Christian, I can’t bring myself to end that sentence with “as a person” so as I said – some areas.

That aside, it is difficult to sometimes figure out where the candidates stand on issues with the bias reporting. For many people, the television news media is the only source of information, and to have such biases in their reporting is an injustice to those of us watching. There are several news anchors that I have enjoyed listening to the last few years. I think most people have a favorite station. But, watching them debunk the debates and listening to their clearly biased opinions has changed my mind about them. Like so many others…

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Dear Doctors Everywhere

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Dear Doctors of every persuasion (and the people they are treating),
If, when, or before you prescribe amlodipine besylate for someone’s hypertension, please google the side effects which are widely documented.  Then you won’t have to refer that person to:
an orthopod,
a dermatologist,
an oral surgeon,
a gastroenterologist,
a psychiatrist,
an optometrist,
a cardiologist,
to treat, with further multiple prescriptions and/or treatments, for any or all of the vast number of side effects.
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