I have already heard of acquaintances I have known for years crying gloom and doom to their very young children. We are the ones who made their world the messed up place it was Monday. How DARE we blame someone for what we did before he gets a chance to fix our mess, your mess. This is a human with a beautiful family who cannot, will not be bought or sold. How dare you honor the evils of the past and poison the minds of our future. I have so many years of experience. I scoff at your idiocy. Feel free to share this with those you know I am speaking of. They are blocked from my feed.


2 thoughts on “The Sins of Our Fathers

    1. virginiallorca Post author

      I’ve seen more instances. For sure my parents never discussed politics with me. My grandma had a statue of Douglas MacArthur, though. Right next to St. Jude. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!💟


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