The head of the Roman Catholic Church, of which I was formerly a holy card carrying member, announced today, barely able to contain his utter glee, that the commonly used word”charity” has been redefined. Formerly equated with good deeds, as in Christian Charity or the well known Catholic Charities, the word’s primary meaning has been altered to “blackmail”, announced the infallible head of one of the world’s larger and more respected religions.
Official decree attached.
Any non-adherence to the new doctrine will qualify as the type of sin known as “mortal”.


  1. Waldo "Wally" Tomosky

    Thanks for posting this Virginia. We Catholics have sure lost our way. Not due to our sins; venial or mortal, but rather to following our priests, monsignors, bishops, cardinals and even our popes to a path that includes – – – child molestation (the priesthood), covering local molesters (monsignors), moving guilty priests from parish to parish (bishops),holding secret conclaves where the bishops are threatened with loss of jobs which is sometimes referred to as excommunication (cardinals), and now even the pope is in on the game of threatening us unwashed laypeople with “mortal sin.” These dictates are all false threats that even these ‘holy ones” themselves believe. What a bunch of losers they turned out to be. I was going to say “God save us all” but I think they themselves – – – the ‘holy ones’ – – – have put a stake through God’s heart. Is it any wonder that Nietzsche said that God was dead. If he isn’t, he is at least suffering – – – once again – – – a painful death on the cross.


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