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So pretty!  I just love the soft curls around her face with all that volume

Excerpt from Sacred Sin

(Adult content)

Mean? Mean?  Did you actually use that word?  A professor of the science of words and literature and you use the word ‘mean’?  He’s been fucking my wife behind my back every chance he gets for fucking forever, and you, the willing participant in this anthropological debacle, are daring to advise me about the correct usage of the word ‘mean’? How about we now segue into a conversation about Christian Charity? Honest to God, Jen.  Sometimes it’s so hard for me not to scream ‘Shut the fuck up!’ at you.  You cannot imagine how difficult it is for me to try and reconcile my image of you as the adorable little wife that my kids love, and the exciting little bitch I love to fuck, and the lying little whore who’s been fucking one of my best friends.  So don’t press your luck here.  For about the fourth time in this marriage, I’m counting on love to get us through this.  I’d work on that if I were you.  I’m trying to focus on that and I feel you’re treading on very thin ice.”

Link to Book
:  smashwords.com/books/view/85160

Photo Attribution:  Chadwick


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