Even the Bros Know

Heartbreaking photograph: A new image emerged of the scene immediately after the shooting of Michael Brown today. The photo shows shocked onlookers watch as police peer at the teen's dead body

I cannot make this any clearer. I am so tired of this back and forth, ‘the cop knew’, ‘the cop didn’t know’. This article contains a phone conversation complete with English translation, about who climbed in the squad on top of whom, about who turned and ran back after the cop after being told to stop, etc.

Judge for yourself, but if you cannot come to the conclusion that Michael Brown was an aggressor and not even close to being an innocent victim, then something is wrong with your rationality. I am SOOO tired of white people having to defend their perfectly rational and correct actions because of some crowd mentality hooliganism by a bunch of nitwits that have huge chips on their shoulders.

I have to keep dragging out the story of the Irish families having to flee St. Mel’s parish, about being a member of a minority population, (me, 3 – 4%), about quit your whining and bitching and be the best you that you can be so you can be proud of your own fucking self and you can quit needing a bunch of ignorant misfits to validate your existence. Get with the program.

We are supposed to be a civilized Nation, a democratic Republic about to be over run and terrorized by godless savages that will cut your stupid fucking head from your stupid fucking shoulders in a trice, for no reason at all. So, man the fuck up and be an American, not an ethnic or minority this or that.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

These Are The Photos Of Michael Brown That Could Leave Ferguson Rioters Ashamed

Photo Attribution: AP wire photo


3 thoughts on “Even the Bros Know

  1. SwittersB

    Several news outlets are burying that at the time of the shooting the officer already had sustained a crushed eye socket from some form of impact (fist/car door smashed in) He would have been shooting with but one eye.

  2. virginiallorca

    Thanks for stopping by. I read suborbital fracture. I posted tonight on my google blog about a killing in Chicago, but I am too tired to transfer it to word press. There is so much unrest all over the world and Obama golfs. He must take more Ativan than I do. I am glad to know someone else is noticing the decline and fall. It’s my grandkids I fear for.


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