Feature and Follow Friday

For feature and Follow Friday I am supposed to respond to the question:  What is your favored reading format?
I honestly cannot say.  I love to pick up a book, new, used, (love Alibris) and library.  Also love my Kindle.  I will never catch up.  But I am getting very used to reading on my iPhone, mainly because of a lot of stuff going on lately.  It is the most convenient and not at all uncomfortable when you get used to it.  Uses up battery like crazy tho, and the Kindle has pretty good battery life. And, actually, with the iPhone, I love to stop reading where ever and know it will open exactly where I left off.  (That is also true of the Kindle and paper bookmarks, so what am I saying?)  And I can switch over to a game or Netflix whenever I need a break. 
I just have to read.  Did you ever notice the cups and napkins at Chipotle?



Today’s featured blog:



2 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday

  1. JC

    Yeah, the Kindle is probalby my preferred reading method. The E-ink is easy on the eyes, battery friendly, and saves my place. Only drawback is no page numbers!

    1. virginiallorca Post author

      And what did I read about software that put in dedicated page numbers? They still recommended previewing in Adobe Reader tho. It was a British Crown funded project “free to read” or something. I’ll get back to you on that as it is on my Facebook. I think I will do it. I am semi signed up. Thanks for stopping by!


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