Balance Sheet

How is the weekend going for you?  Mine started out with my grand son hitting a wonderful home-run.  That joy was off set by his team losing their first game of the season.  They had lead the whole game but the opponents drove in several runs in the bottom of the sixth and were ahead by one.  Then they decided to call the game (not play the seventh) because of the time.  They are a Little League team and bound by a pretty strict set of conventions and rules.  Of course, I have to keep bringing up that those rules have been bent a little at times depending on who the umpire is and who the coaches are.  So the opponents were given the win.  Well, yeah.  Of course I am bitter and pissed-off.

Then I noticed a sale on my cornerstone book had caused the ratings to rise dramatically which was super encouraging since I am so sick of the whole writing routine, tired of promotion, un-inspired to continue the story. Of course I am totally prepared for the numbers to drop like a rock the minute someone else sells a book, but it is reassuring to note that particular book has a place in the Amazon algorithm.  And today Smashwords posted a bunch of sales on almost all of my books, maybe all–I didn’t look too closely–from their many affiliates.  So I guess I am still in the game.

I worked on cleaning up the Buick which had taken a pounding from the South Dakota trip.  The Dawn-vinegar combination works very well on ground in gummy bears. But the which vacuum cleaner is the best routine was exhausting since it involved so many treks up and down stairs.  Sometimes this house seems to have way too many staircases. 

It cooled off a lot today.  We were on the edge of some storms that we could see and hear, but we received only a few sprinkles.  I prefer full-blown, roof-shaking thunderstorms, even if they do shear off my deck and crush my car.  God, isn’t that fascinating to read?

Not much else is new.  Exposed myself to an hour long presentation on the Narcissistic Personality Disorder which was illuminating.  It is hard to find much illumination at my age, and I think y’all can guess which parts of my life were illuminated.

So I am just stopping by to pimp out my blog again.  You are on to that, so I am not going to try and sugar coat the reality.  Thanks to all of you, though, for stopping by.


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