“BORING”. . . and I do quote




In a local library-type amateur critique group we were talking about slow sales and some one said re:  Sacred Sin.  “Don’t you think that story’s been told enough?  Like Gone With the Wind?”  I mentioned I was well aware it has been told and retold but I was working more in the Arthur-Guinevere vein.  I wonder if anyone told Margaret Mitchell her book was too derivative of the King Arthur Legends?


And a baker (!!!) in England found my sex scene excerpted here, “Sex in the Shower””  (most hits of any post ever) introspective, (Bad?) human, (Bad?) and somewhat boring.  He said he felt a little sad for me if  I thought it was racy.  I think he was looking at some of my other book blurbs cuz I didn’t use the word “racy” on Algonquin’s Table.  He probably didn’t find enough references to “shaved pussy” which he mentions a lot in his work,  and which I think sounds a little crude.  And anyway, my heroines can all afford laser treatments for that issue. Well, maybe not Deanie.  


Guess I’m having one of those bitter days here. Don’t know why. Ben’s team won again and last night I felt like I was back in that writing place after a long time.  So on with that boring, introspective, human stuff that’s already been told.  And retold. Gonna tell it again!!

Photo attribution:  www.shavingstuff.com (I am not making that up.) 



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