Signing In

I like to go on many different sites to comment. I have always needed to stick my two cents in and it brings me lots of interesting blog traffic . I have been banned from Twana Blevins which I do not understand. I usually agree with her although I tend to be a little more conservative. I have occasionally commented to correct or to offer my opinion, and I have asked why I am banned but received no reply as yet.

Then there are many WordPress sites that suddenly won’t allow a Google blogger sign in. So I created a WordPress blog. Still, many of my most astute remarks fall into a black hole and are not posted. This seldom occurs if I sign in through Twitter which speaks to me of the decline and fall of society. It also does make me paranoid.  But whatever. . .

An interesting thing happened today. Through The Rumpus, which won’t let my comments in under any conditions, I linked to a site where the person said she wasn’t knowledgeable about the subject so she posted a bunch of links about Israel bombing “Palestine”. This is something about which I also have meager knowledge but strong opinion. I find it interesting at the very least. So I clicked through to one of the links. She presented five or six. The one I clicked to recognized me, on my iPhone, with no signing in process, and I had not signed into the Rumpus before I linked.   Now, sites like Totsy and One Kings Lane, which are stores that want your money, make signing in a tedious and difficult ritual. I find it so annoying I patronize them much less often than I would like. They are lovely sites for browsing, among others like them. So, to stop digressing and return to my initial premise for today’s long-anticipated post, the political commentary site I logged into let me comment and posted the comment immediately with no spam detector puzzles and no wait for moderation. It was al-Jazeera.


photo courtesy of el-Jazeera on-line


3 thoughts on “Signing In

    1. virginiallorca Post author

      Yes. I do. And I get them on blogger also. Blogger to blogger works fine. Sometimes WP to WP works. Once it didn’t go thru and I posted with a different sign in and it said it was a duplicate. Neither appeared. I just wrote to Rumpus where my comments have appeared before to ask how to comment and the email dropped off. Do you think they know who I voted for? Kidding. This went on long before that.

      1. Waldo "Wally" Tomosky

        Recently I have noticed some strange things on WP. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with your problem. However, since I brought it up, Sometimes when I click a “like” (either on top or down near the end) I get a “flash” as if the post refreshed itself – – – and there is no record of my like. Sometimes I repeat the process and it seems to work – – – other times not. HHHHHmmmmmmm.

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