A scrivener

I have been so down on this writing thing. Many I know are giving up the epub thing and I am growing discouraged. At least I was.

Last night I practiced discipline in an undisciplined way. I have heard: “Write, no matter what. Save it erase it, fix it, just write.” So I did. I typed so fast. It is a disorderly mess. But I am looking at this story in a way that seems new to me. I want to get the people from this point to this point and I don’t know how. I never had that problem before. But I don’t sell much, so maybe my readers have a problem with how I was doing it. Anyway, I wrote about what happened when they got there and I know I can put in the interim easily when I am ready. Writing doesn’t scare me. Carrying out a task does, I am guessing. I am maybe just lazy. Anyway I thought it was great fun and it raced along in getting on the page just as the part of the story was racing along. It is full of typos, but that is easy to fix. I think.

So just when I am all down on my self and my skills and thinking I am not posting, I have no ideas, I am in the doldrums, physical junk going on, family junk going on, weather weirdness, I just now looked and my “boring post” had ninety five hits.

Don’t anyone tell me what this is all about cuz you don’t know. It is all totally random. That is final.


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