I am still having trouble logging in to comment on any WordPress blogs.

I would appreciate any feedback about this as WordPress customer Service is a screaming black hole of frustration and unresponsiveness

In the meanwhile, I am trying to copy my blogger blog posts on this site. Half the time it gives me a hard time logging in here.

This is my favorite site, and has lovely illustrations:

dittymac(dot)blogspot(dot)com with the usual http stuff in front of it.


2 thoughts on “Complaining

  1. Sparks In Shadow

    Commenting on any WordPress blog with the word wordpress in the address is easy for me. Commenting on roughly three quarters of the ones where the owner has paid to have “wordpress” removed, is difficult or time consuming or both. I don’t know why, though I suspect from the ones where commenting is easy, that there are some settings the others haven’t addressed.

    There’s also the setting where the owner has to approve your comment before it will appear. If you aren’t approved, you don’t appear. If you’ve been polite I don’t see why you’d encounter that.

    Last, I’ve been told by others at the WordPress forums (where users supposedly help each other) that it’s better to Google your problem and see if you can find an answer that way. That seems counterintuitive to me, but it gets you to an answer, if there is one, easier and faster.

    I hope this helps.


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