Adam Corolla just published a book called “In 50 years We’ll All be Chicks.”

We’re given too many permissions and we want to take over,

Hannah Rosin put one out called, “The End of Men”.

Men are unnecessary since sperm donation.  Um, where do we get the sperm?

Naomi Wolf has one called, “Vagina:  A New Biography”.

I always thought of the vagina more of an entry way into which you put things like penises and tampons and birth control devices and, perhaps toys. Maybe a little nystatin every now and then.  Sort of a playing field or path to parenthood in some cases.  Apparently it is now a political symbol used to gain power and control or used to crush the female spirit.

C’mon,  guys.

You, male and female, all know the dynamic is getting a little out of whack.  But none of you want it to be like that.  None of you.

Find a way to adjust your attitude, change your opinions, understand the differences between male and female.  And for Pete’s sake, enjoy it all.  Read Outside Plumbing:  The Myths of Manhood.  I promise you will look at your partner in a totally new way. A guy is a guy.  Let’s work on enjoying that before Adam and Naomi and Hannah take it away.  (for ANY device)


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