Pogo Sticks and RFI Chips

Any of you that still think Obama is doing a great job untangling other people’s errors, please stop reading now.  You won’t believe me or finish the article anyway.

Here is the thing.  Even if you were one of the very first to use Sebelius’s horrible website, or even if you are a person that feels kind of anarchist about government aid of any kind.  There is SO much you do not know — so much that will be revealed only through time and experience.

First there was that thing about giving up the right to keep your medical records private.  That was a law that made it necessary for us to sign that HIPAA  or HIPPA paper at the doctor’s office.  We were supposedly guaranteed privacy.  But there is a clause in the ACA that says if you sign up you give up the right to privacy.  They had a hearing about it and nothing was admitted and nothing was changed and I am an amateur politician so you have to research elsewhere.  But it is true.  No spoofing.

Then there is the stuff you find out about no matter what kind of coverage you have.  I have a relative who is a medical professional working for a large health care corporation, so this person probably has decent health coverage.  An accident.  A pogo stick.  A broken wrist.  All healed.  All supposedly paid for and insurance info accepted.  Weeks later news comes that the claim cannot be settled until further documentation from Blue Cross Blue Shield’s subrogation department.  Where did it happen? Why? Who else was involved.  Was it on private property?  Do you have other insurance?  (This question was always the part of every form.) The person is afraid to answer the many questions, these and others, for fear she will have to testify when Blue Cross sues the pogo stick manufacturer or the property owner from whom she rents. Or me, the person that purchased the pogo stick.  Or Toys R Us where the pogo stick was purchased.  You get my drift.  They will drag it out until what ever monies are involved are meaningless.

Then, at my regular checkup my doctor tells me she now has to ask me a series of questions, which were kind of uncomfortable.  You have to pause before you answer so the Paddy Wagon doesn’t show up at the door.  She HAS to ask these.   If she doesn’t, insurance claims and coverage will probably fly out the window.  This is all law now.

Now.  First of all.  How much money and how many people are needed to process, research, and follow up on all this information?  You wonder why it cost so much to go in an emergency room?  More and more people are going to want to work illegally with no SSN identification, so they can walk in an emergency room and claim indigence. Many, if not most, emergency rooms have little signs on the registration desk saying whether or not they HAVE to take you. To many, this becomes more and more attractive.  Especially if you go into a faith based facility.  But, of course, unless you walked across our Southern border, the more people that try to fly under the radar, the stricter the policing will become.

I have written before that you need to indoctrinate your kids and grandkids to make sure they never let anyone put an RFI chip under their skin.  Well, that won’t do any good.  Betcha.  If you don’t have the RFI chip you will be refused care.  I think the choices will be automatons or total anarchy.

This is the legacy my generation leaves you and for that I apologize.

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Even the Bros Know

Heartbreaking photograph: A new image emerged of the scene immediately after the shooting of Michael Brown today. The photo shows shocked onlookers watch as police peer at the teen's dead body

I cannot make this any clearer. I am so tired of this back and forth, ‘the cop knew’, ‘the cop didn’t know’. This article contains a phone conversation complete with English translation, about who climbed in the squad on top of whom, about who turned and ran back after the cop after being told to stop, etc.

Judge for yourself, but if you cannot come to the conclusion that Michael Brown was an aggressor and not even close to being an innocent victim, then something is wrong with your rationality. I am SOOO tired of white people having to defend their perfectly rational and correct actions because of some crowd mentality hooliganism by a bunch of nitwits that have huge chips on their shoulders.

I have to keep dragging out the story of the Irish families having to flee St. Mel’s parish, about being a member of a minority population, (me, 3 – 4%), about quit your whining and bitching and be the best you that you can be so you can be proud of your own fucking self and you can quit needing a bunch of ignorant misfits to validate your existence. Get with the program.

We are supposed to be a civilized Nation, a democratic Republic about to be over run and terrorized by godless savages that will cut your stupid fucking head from your stupid fucking shoulders in a trice, for no reason at all. So, man the fuck up and be an American, not an ethnic or minority this or that.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?


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My spouse is retired. He receives several pensions. His health is no longer A+. He “works” as a recruiter for a Fortune 500 company that deals in financial products. He is productive and useful but can come and go as he wishes. He enjoys it. He likes to talk. He likes to feel persuasive. He likes to “shoot the shit”. He likes to tell stories — most specifically, sea stories. This job is ideal for him.

They receive resumes primarily from Career Builder which is a service of Chicago Tribune newspaper. He will take 50 resumes at a time and call the applicant. Of fifty, 48 will go to voice mail. That is how vested in the job search the applicants are. After he receives voice mail twice for a single person, he will usually text message them. About sixty per cent of the text messages get answered. This is an interesting illustration of the way computers have changed our lives, but that is just an aside. Out of one hundred percent of the people he has contact with, thirty percent will say, “I am not interested in that kind of work.” Or, “I can’t see myself doing that kind of work.” This reeks to me of a sense of entitlement. He has encountered this reply so frequently that he has a rote rejoinder available which often opens up a discourse. He asks how that compares with what they are now doing which is usually nothing.

Of the small amount of positive feedback he gets, which would mean people want to come in for a “training” session telling them about the company, its resources and opportunities, (It is not Amway.) the figures once again fragment. Maybe fifty or sixty percent of those people will agree to come into the office. About sixty per cent of the people that actually are given an appointment to learn more, which is really all that is on the table at this point, will not show up. Of the people that show up, about eighty per cent of those enter the employ of this company. This is actually six to ten people a week. After that, it is out of my husband’s ken, and other variables come into play which may be worth analyzing, but not by this company as they do just fine with these odds.

When people talk about how hard it is to get a job, no one mentions how selective certain people are, how entitled other people feel, and how lazy some of the job seekers are. My grand daughter, who, to be polite, can best be described as a flibberty jibbet, was recently “handed” a full time job with a major US corporation that has plans to expand to Europe and offers a wonderful benefit package. She doesn’t like the 45 minute drive to work. But she might stay there. Her Blue Cross ID and her dental insurance card came in the mail today.

“You can’t please ‘em all.” (Joni Mitchell)

The last two full time jobs I had, someone knocked on my front door and said, “So and so needs a such and such. Want it?” One was short-lived. One lasted six years and was ‘plum”. The full time job before that, I walked into a light manufacturing plant in my neighborhood and said, “Are you hiring?” That job lasted six years and was an incredible amount of fun. They also paid my college tuition, but I had to turn down their other benefits as my husband had them.

Reality check time.


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My husband’s new TV show


Sarah Elle Emm’s husband! So much fun. Beautiful mouth-watering show, charming guy, Charles Mereday. Naples is an amazing city.

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My husband, Chef Charles Mereday, has a new TV show, Back of the House with Charles Mereday. Watch the pilot episode below. Congrats, Charles! I’m so happy for you! :)

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